Sunday, January 16, 2011

Next Day Rewards/Way Rewards/Exclusive Prizes/Blazing Rewards Walkthrough

Hey guys, i'm back :D
Today, I'm going to teach you how to do NDR"S aka. Next Day Rewards
Here's how to do NDR"s 
1) Clear cookies.

2) Find an offer from the title :)
3)Enter a unique/valid email.

4) Enter valid information.

5) Now when there are only one choice, keep on clicking no, but once there is a list, click yes to 2 or more (I usually do 5).

6) On the top, there will be a orange bar, click next on all of them.

7) Scroll to the bottom of the page and keep on clicking skip.

8) Another list now, so click yes to 2 or more again.

9) Repeat #5

10) Repeat #6

11) Repeat #7

12) Repeat #5

13) Now, there are more ads, you should look for a pass or skip button usually on the bottom of the page.

14) Now there are about 9 Yes or No's ads, choose no for all of them.

15) More ads to skip.

16) Keep on clicking "Continue", its the same as the skip button.

17) YOUR DONE!! Make sure its the page that says you have been entered and shows your address.

18) Wait a few minutes before going back to Piggy and submitting it, but it should already have credited if you waited 3 minutes :P.

P.S Remember, Ndr's are instant credit
There are two a day limit in this FAMILY,
that means you can only do two ndr's, wr's, ep's combined. 
Hope this helps, and anymore requests, just ask :D

Thursday, January 6, 2011

NEWCOMER GUIDE: How to clear cookies

For offers, this is the order of browsers with the best chance of crediting
Mozilla Firefox
Google Chrome
Internet Explorer
So, i will show you a guide how to clear cookies in all of those 3.
Mozilla Firefox:
There are two ways to set it up,
1)You can click Ctrl+Shift+Delete at the same time.
2)You can go to tools, then click "Clear Recent Browsing History"
Next, you should see a page that looks like this:

Click on cookies, then click "Clear Now".
You only have to clear your cache if you have downloaded something, if not, there is no need to clear your cache.

Google Chrome:
Two ways to set it up again:
1) Ctrl+Shift+Delete
2) Click on the wrench below the red exit key, then go to tools, then "Clear Browsing Data".

Now, you should see a pop up like this:

Click Delete cookies and other site data.
Then in "Clear date from this period:" Put "Everything".
Then click Clear browsing data.

Internet Explorer:
Two ways once again.
1) Ctrl+Shift+Delete
2) Click on tools, then "Delete Browsing History"
You should see a page like this:
Check "Cookies" and then click Delete.

Thats all for now, Thanks for reading :D

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Reward Pro Walkthrough

Hey everyone,
I"m going to be doing my second walk through today.
Ok, this is how we do a Reward Pro offer
1) Clear Cookies

2) Sign back in, go to offers, and find Reward Pro in the drop down box:

3) Find an offer you want to do, I will be doing the Reward Pro: Apple Ipad offer:

4) Click on the offer's title and you should get an ad asking for your email:

5) Use a valid/unique email and put your zip code in.

6) Next, you should get a page that asks for your address and etc, fill it out:

7) Now, there should be a page with yes's or no's, the instructions say to put at least 3 yes's, so were going to put 4.

8) Next, there are a series of submit/skip, click skip to them all

9) Now, there is a pass/continue on the bottom of the page,
VERY IMPORTANT: if you get an offer that says "ERROR duplicate ip address" DON'T STOP OR QUIT,
just scroll down and click the pass/continue button.

10) More yes or no's, if its a single one, put no:

11) Where there is a list, put yes to 4, and the rest no:

12) Go to the bottom of the ads, and click skip

13) Repeat step 11 and 12

14) More yes's or no's, put no to ALL of them:

15) Repeat step 10 and 14

16) Now you need to find a skip, no thanks, pass, etc. at the bottom of the page:

17) When there is a page that says "You have been entered into our sweepstakes", your done!

18) Let the page sit for 15 secs. and then go back to piggybank, and click submit:
Thanks for reading!
I hoped this help, please leave some feedback. And if you want special requests, just ask!

Saturday, November 27, 2010

ZZZ's Quizzes Walkthrough

On this walk through, you should be clicking where it is highlighted, that is usually the general or exact area I am talking about.
1) You want to have a never before used with ZZZ's email, and open that up in a tab
2) Clear your cookies
3) Sign in, go to offers and go to the drop-down box and find "ZZZ Quizzes"

4) Find an offer you want to do

5) Click on the title, and you should get a page like this:

6) Do the quiz and submit, next you should get a box to put in your email:

7)Put in the unique/valid email and submit, now go to your email that you opened in the other tab, and look for a email in the spam or inbox

8) Enter the code into a code box:

9) Enter VALID information:

10) Put no to one's looking like this:

11) On the list, put 2 or more yes's:

12) Click "next" on the orange bar:

13) Now, go to the bottom of the ad, and find a "skip, continue, no thanks, or pass"

14) Repeat steps 11 and 12

15) Now go and click "Pass/Continue" on the top right corner:

16) Thats basically it, the rest of the offer, keep clicking skip (or something related to that) and the rest of the yes's and no's, just click no:
17) You should end on a page with the quiz results:

18) Now, wait about 15 seconds, and let the results sit,
 then go back to piggybank and click submit.:
19) Your done, it should credit instantly!!

Thanks for reading my first walkthrough, I hoped this helped, and feel free to send me an inbox message on piggybankgpt, leave a comment, or just ask on the cb for a special offer you would like

- airwalker612